Benefits of Membership in the Consular Corps College

Promoting Excellence, Facilitating Connections, and Honing Skills

Membership benefits include subscription to our quarterly publication and access to materials and top notch training to increase professional consular skills, plus access to a wide network of consular officers, as well as officials from all levels of government and organizations that work with consuls.

The Annual Consular Corps College Symposium offers:

New quarterly webinars on single topics offer increased educational and training opportunities throughout the year, from the convenience of our members’ desks.

Our professional quarterly publication, “The Consular|Diplomatic Forum,” provides information on a vast array of consular topics, as well as other subjects of interest and importance for both career and honorary consular officers.  Stay abreast of what is new with

The Members Only Section of the Consular Corps College Web Site delivers:

Four Categories of Membership

Beginning in January, 2018, there are 4 categories of members: Full Members, comprising career and honorary consular officers and current and former Protocol Officers, Associate Members, open to consular staff, Affinity Members, which includes all of the members of a local consular corps, and Corporate Members, made up of a very select number of nationwide organizations that provide services directly connected to the execution of consular duties.  Annual dues are $125.00 for Members, $75.00 for Associate Members, $120.00 per Local Consular Corps, and $1,000.00 for Corporate Members.

Join Now

Join now and start reaping the benefits of membership.

To join, simply download the appropriate Membership Form, (Full Member, Associate Member, Affinity Member, or Corporate Member), complete it, and send it with your check for the corresponding annual dues made payable to:

The Consular Corps College

Mail to:

The Consular Corps College
4804 Enfield Road
Bethesda, MD  20814

For Local Consular Corps, kindly include an updated list of your members and their contact information.