Symposium Fellowship

Students considering a career in Diplomatic/Consular Affairs or in International Trade or Law have a golden opportunity to meet foreign consular officers and key officials from numerous Federal Departments and agencies, and to learn about consular duties and responsibilities during the annual 3-Day Symposium in November.

In exchange for helping with the daily set-up, attendee registration, distribution of materials, monitoring of details, and evening preparations for the following day, Symposium Fellows may sit in on the training sessions and panel discussions, and participate in the networking events with the Symposium attendees. They have the opportunity to learn important fundamentals about consular work and gain critical knowledge about the protection of foreign nationals in crisis and the promotion of economic, scientific, educational, and cultural ties.

Symposium Fellows must be dedicated and dependable. As they meet and interact with high-level members of the Consular/Diplomatic Corps and with top officials from various Federal Departments, interns dress professionally and comport themselves accordingly.

To apply for one of the Symposium Fellowships, apply to Katherine Moss, Director General, at or Katherine Moss, Director General, The Consular Corps College, 4804 Enfield Road, Bethesda, MD, 20814.