All Consular Officers Are Now Members

Posted on April 10, 2019 at 4:48 pm

In honor of our 50th Anniversary, the Consular Corps College now welcomes all foreign career and honorary consular officers as Basic Members in the CCC.  Now all consuls will receive our new Newsletter and may participate in all of the events sponsored by the CCC.

Those paying the annual dues of $125.00 are Full Members, who enjoy the extra benefits of receiving our quarterly publication, the Consular|Diplomatic Forum, attending the annual Symposium at a lower rate, and accessing our library of online information, including a full Directory and Q&A Desk.

Those belonging to Affinity Member Consular Corps may join the CCC individually at the reduced rate of $100.00 per year and enjoy the ability to participate in all programs and the Symposium at even lower rates.

We welcome all our consular colleagues to the CCC community!

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