Joining the Consular Corps College

Full Membership is extended to career and honorary consular officers currently recognized by the United States Department of State as well as current and former Protocol Officers. Associate Membership is open to consular staff in a consulate with at least one Full member, and Corporate Membership is available to nationwide organizations that service the consular community in the execution of their duties.


Introducing new Affinity Membership.

Local Consular Corps associations may now apply for Affinity Membership. Career and honorary consular officers belonging to an Affinity Consular Corps now receive a $25 membership discount.


Annual Dues:

Full Membership dues are $125.00 per year
Full Membership with Affinity Discount dues are $100.00 per year
Associate Membership dues are $75.00 per year
Affinity Consular Corps Membership dues are $120.00 per year
Corporate Membership dues are $1,000.00 per year

*Additional transaction fees apply for online applications.

Select and download the appropriate application, (Full Member, Full Member with Affinity Discount, Associate Member, Affinity Consular Corps, Corporate Member) complete it, and return your application along with a check made out to “Consular Corps College” and mail them to:

Ms. Katherine H. Moss
Director General
The Consular Corps College
4804 Enfield Road
Bethesda, MD  20814

If you have any questions, please contact the Consular Corps College at or by phone at (240) 543-9735.


Online applications:

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