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Consular Corps College

The National Association of Foreign Consuls in the United States


The College is governed by its members and by a Board of Chancellors elected annually for three year terms. Officers elected by the Board include a Dean (CEO), and a Director General (COO).

Any consular officer currently recognized by the United States Department of State as well as current and former protocol officers, current consular staff members, and corporations providing service to consuls in the execution of their duties may join the Consular Corps College.

Board of Chancellors

Acting Dean:

John Wright, Consul (Hon.) of Sénégal — St. Louis, MO
and Membership Chair for the Midwest

Director General:

Katherine H. Moss — Bethesda, MD


In Alphabetical Order

Stefano Acunto, Vice Consul (Hon.) of Italy — New York, NY
Membership Chair for the East Coast

Gayle Anderson, Chief Protocol Officer for Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV
Membership Co-Chair for the West Coast

Berj Apkarian, Consul (Hon.) of Armenia — Fresno, CA

Kathleen Blakely, Consul General (Hon.) of Japan — Las Vegas, NV

Nana Booker, Consul (Hon.) of Australia – Houston, TX

Ingrida Bublys, Consul General (Hon.) of Lithuania — Cleveland, OH

Edward L. Fanucchi, Vice Consul (Hon.) of Italy (Emeritus) — Fresno, CA
Membership Co-Chair for the West Coast

Michael Fountain, Consul (Hon.) of the Bahamas — Chicago, IL

Manuel Morales, Jr., Consul General (Hon.) of Japan — San Juan, PR

Donald Pafko, Consul (Hon.) of the Slovak Republic — Minneapolis, MN

Edward Paul, Consul (Hon.) of Belize — Wilmington, NC

Don D. Slesnick, Consul (Hon.) of Australia — Miami, FL

Louis J. Vella, Consul General (Hon.) of Malta — San Francisco, CA